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    Building Automation Systems Control Solutions

    Building Automation Systems

    Building Automation Systems
    Building Automation Systems

    Be in control of your HVAC solution.

    Secure Remote Control
    Reduce Energy and Labor Costs
    Building Automation Systems

    Control lights remotely or automatically, inside or out.

    Flexible lighting solutions to meet your needs
    Control lights remotely from the comfort of home
    Building Automation Systems

    Get systems to shake hands and talk.

    Innovative applications of monitoring technology
    Monitor and regulate every setting from a single interface
    Building Automation Systems

    Know who's using what, with easy-to-monitor metering.

    Enables easy monitoring of resources
    Monitor multi-tenant resource consumption
    Building Automation Systems

    Know what you need to know. Anytime. Anywhere.

    Know who enters and exits your building
    Monitor surveillance/ security from the same interface you use for other systems

    Control Solutions provides Building Automation Systems (BAS) services to clients throughout all of Michigan, the Midwest, as well as on a national and global level. We listen carefully to our clients’ needs because we understand how important it is for a BAS to work flawlessly for a particular building, its systems, operators, and occupants. We believe it’s crucial to listen to our customers’ needs first and then devise a plan in order to install, integrate and manage your building systems.

    Our foundation is diverse. We are the only exclusive dealers of Alerton, Novar, and Trend in the state of Michigan and one of the largest installers of Tridium Niagara AX and Niagara 4 in the state, as well. In addition, we have extensive experience in the management, repair and integration of Honeywell, Belimo, Johnson Controls, Carrier, Trane, Siemens, Steafa, Siebe, Invensys, Barber-Coleman, and pneumatic temperature control systems.

    Our Building Automation Systems include, but are not limited, to the following:

    Temperature Controls

    Efficient HVAC systems and comfortable work environments create healthy, productive employees.

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    System Integration

    When systems work together, life becomes much easier.

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    Energy Management

    Our Energy Management solutions are customized just for you to conserve energy and reduce costs.

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    Lighting Controls

    Control lights remotely and automatically, inside and out.

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    Card Access

    Stay protected with Access Control. Regulate who has access to your building and when.

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    Industrial Process

    We create uniquely designed, innovative applications to increase your building's efficiency.

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    Installation Services

    High-quality systems and services begin with consistent, timely installation practices.

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    Emergency Services


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    Managed Services

    Our work as your controls partner goes beyond installation.

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    When systems work together, life becomes much easier. The Ultimate Guide to System Integration was created with folks like you in mind to learn the benefits of integrating your systems and how control solutions can help.

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